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  • Does Donald Trump leave the White House willingly?
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  • What crazy action does Trump take to retain the Presidency?
  • What evidence of Trump Chinese collusion is found?
  • What happens to the COVID-19 virus and any vaccines and treatments?
  • Does Trump get arrested for treason? What tax secrets are finally exposed?
  • Do the Trump kids get indicted for their business fraud around the world?
  • Does Jarod Kushner get sent to jail for his lies and many illegals actions?
  • Or what about Rudy Giuliani?
  • Can war with China be averted?
  • Can President Biden save America, beat the Chinese and destroy Trump all at once?

Prologue: About This Book

In 2071, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war between China and the United States, the United Nations sought to publish a definitive account of the war.

The United Nations Publication Selection Committee commissioned a book to celebrate the resolution of the war. The vote authorizing the search for an author was 19-0.

Esteemed China expert and former White House Chief of Staff Dr. J. Alton Beauchamp was selected to Chair the United Nations Publication Author Selection Committee. This committee was tasked to select an author.

The Committee established a total of 37 criteria for the selection of an author, which emphasized inclusion, diversity, transparency, openness and honesty.

They spent 3 years and $18 million during the selection process. In the concluding phase, the Committee awarded the project to its own Chairperson, J. Alton Beauchamp. Beauchamp was the unanimous selection with a vote of 23-0.

Dr. Beauchamp grew up in Beijing. He was born in 2022, just months after the conclusion of the war between China and the United States. In 2056, he orchestrated and led the successful reunification of the two Koreas. He subsequently served as the US Ambassador to the unified Korea and then to the Democratic Republic of China.

President James Carter, the great-grandson of President Jimmy Carter, selected Beauchamp to serve as his Chief of Staff. Serving for both full terms, he became the longest-serving White House Chief of Staff in American history.

The United Nations Committee on Spending subsequently authorized itself to pay $4.5 million to Dr. Beauchamp for writing the definitive history commemorating the 50th anniversary of the US versus China War of 2020-2021. The Committee voted 13-0 to proceed.

Dr. Beauchamp decided the best way to present the great story of the US-China War of 2020-2021, commonly called War 19, was to select news media articles from the said period. When taken as a whole, as a mosaic, they tell the entire story. The selection of the articles was his and his alone.

He selected the following articles. He only wrote the Epilogue, some 1000 words. For this effort, said to take 6 hours, he was paid $4.5 million. The U.N. declared the work, “a bargain but still a masterpiece.”

Article 1

CIA Intercepts Call between China and the U.S. President

GNN (Global News Network)
September 30, 2020 – Wednesday 

The CIA claims they were just protecting the country from Trump’s presidency

China’s President Xi Jinping’s phone call to his United States counterpart President Donald Trump on September 20 appears to have been intercepted by the CIA, according to reports.

Durign the call, Trump is said to have pleaded with the Chinese president for domestic political assistance for his re-election next month.

According to several former officials, there is a high chance that the intelligence agencies from the CIA were listening to the conversation between the two presidents, which was made via personal phones.

“If true, if the phone call was intercepted, it will be the first time in many years of an unsecured conversation between presidents of such powerful nations,” said Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA officer.

“Such a thing should never happen at any given time,” he added.

The Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Policy and Research Institute at the University of California, Bryan Cunningham said that all communication devices of every senior government officials are targeted by foreign governments.

“Apparently, President Xi called Mr. Trump’s personal cell. Trump answered, not using any security protections. Trump got tricked. Xi played him,” said Cunningham.

“Calls are secure only if both parties have a secure device.”

However, the two leaders seemed to have used their personal, nonencrypted phones during the conversation. Normally, the leaders would officially make official phone calls from their offices using secure methods, with several staffers listening.

Mr. Trump did not have an interrupter and relied on the Chinese interrupter provided by President Xi.

The CIA responded by saying that they monitor all calls inand out of China. The agency has been accused of sidelining themselves with the Democrats and operating as the “deep state.”

The allegations dominated the news headlines across American stations, with Trump’s advisors demanding an explanation while warning the CIA of endangering the relationship with China, which could worsen their existing trade war.

The former U.S National Security advisor John Bolton condemned President Trump’s method of dealing with foreign policies, citing Trump’s “inexperience and lacking basic knowledge.”

The White House accused the CIA of opposing President Trump’s activities of trying to “right the wrongs” with China in order to fulfill their trade agreement that was signed in January.

Reports claimed that the trade deal was part of the conversation between the two presidents where China’s President Xi Jinping assured Trump of their co-operation.

“The agreement we signed in January with the United States is great for both nations, and we expect our relationship and trade to grow every year. It also unifies both countries.”

President Trump is said to have found common ground with the Chinese president after their long heated disagreements which accelerated the trade war between the two nations, prior to the trade agreement.

“He is a good man. He is a very good man, and I got to know him very well.”

Trump also said that together with China, they will right their wrongs of the past and “deliver a future of economic justice and security to their workers and families.”

The trade deal requires China to purchase U.S products totaling to up to $200 billion by 2021.

This agreement put to a halt the trade war between the two nations that seemed never to end soon, with Xi Jinping assuring the U.S of co-operation.

“Under current circumstances, China and the U.S should unite and recover from the coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese side will keep on providing information and experience to the U.s without reservation,” Xi Jinping said.

Trump is seen to have lessened his tough stand against China by promising to work with them. President Xi asked if Trump could decrease his rhetoric regarding the pandemic.

Trump agreed.


Article 2

Coronavirus Vaccine Working

The BBG (British Broadcasting Group)
October 1, 2020 – Thursday

The Coronavirus Vaccine appears to be effective. AstraZeneca is producing 2 billion doses of the life-saving drug. 2.3 million doses have already been administered and the initial results are very promising. Democrat leaders are demanding their voters receive the vaccine first.

Scientists worldwide have been working tirelessly in the past few months to stop the deadly virus that has wreaked havoc around the globe. And there finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

The data released after the first series of human trials brings hope to the world as it seems to be working.

Other vaccines are being tested, too. The University of Oxford’s vaccine is just one of the four candidate vaccines currently being tested. The vaccine candidate, led by Sarah Gilbert, may start human trials as early as November.

Since the trials were focused on safety and dosing, it is still early to tell whether the developed vaccine will prevent one from the disease or infection. Only large scale trials will bring a sound conclusion.

However, reports suggest that the candidate vaccine is safe and offers a hint that it can summon immune responses similar to herd immunity.

Researchers now say that it is safe to start extensive testing where volunteers will receive vaccines while rates of the COVID-19 infections would be compared between groups.

However, scientists warn against exaggerating the results and advise against using the data indirectly comparing the candidate vaccines.

In the end, the comparisons will be crucial in identifying how the candidate vaccines work or why they fail. The collected data will prioritize the most efficient vaccines at initial stages and develop new ones that have high efficiency.

“It is too early to rely on the data to conclude. It is still preliminary, and we cannot start comparing the candidate vaccines at this stage,” explained Raffi Ahmed, an immunologist from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

All the four vaccine developers said that their vaccines produced some sought-after immune response, similar to the Coronavirus herd immunity or the immune response elicited by those who have recovered from the infection.

Some trail participants are also said to have experienced a few side effects, which are normal when conducting trials. Side effects listed include permanent facial ticks and severe anal leakage.

The world is relying on the vaccine’s efficiency to end the global pandemic that is threatening to send the world into the worst global recession ever experienced.


Article 3

Trump Owes Deutsche Bank $3 Billion

By Gordon Hewitt
October 5, 2020

The President reportedly owes billions of dollars to Deutsche Bank – and MUST pay by 2022

The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, continues to have a bad week. Still 10 points down in most polls, it was revealed today that he owes an European bank over $3 billion.

Mr. Trump has had an extensive relationship with Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest banking institution, since 1998.

However, previously unknown details about the Trump – DB dealings freshly exposed by popular German magazine Der Spiegel (“The Mirror”) demonstrate how deeply the relationship has been damaged.

According to Der Spiegel, the German Bank loaned Mr. Trump more than 3 billion dollars before he became President in 2016.

The office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance sent several subpoenas last year to Deutsche Bank. The District Attorney is inbestigating Trump’s business dealings, citing five people familiar with the inquiry.

Deutsche Bank complied with the subpoena, turning over Trump’s personal records including financial statements Trump gave the bank when he was borrowing money.

The magazine discovered that “time after time, with the support of two different chief executives, the bank loaned money to Mr. Trump, a man whom nearly all other banks had deemed untouchable.”

“Over nearly two decades, DB leaders constantly saw red flags around Mr. Trump. There was a disastrous bond sale, a promised loan that relied on a banker’s forged signature, and wide exaggeration of Mr. Trump’s wealth, not to mention several defaults,” Der Spiegel’s investigative team found.

Deutsche Bank has also handed over communications about Mr. Trump to the German Ministry of Justice.

The story of their relationship began in 1998 when the German giant and one of the world’s leading banks expanded their market to America.

According to David Ernreich, an investigative financial reporter from Der Spiegel, DB had an aim to “push the envelope and make money as quickly as they could.”

As a result, in many cases, bankers were lending money to people that no other bank would touch.

The report said that the US President was one of the beneficiaries and received loans from the bank, even after he defaulted one, and even after he sued the bank.

Trump filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank in 2008 before a portion of a loan he took to construct Trump International Hotel and Tower was due. He claimed that the financial collapse that year was an “act of God.”

Overall, President Trump is reported to have received more than USD 3 billion spread over a decade when he was an investor in real estate.

Der Spiegel reported further that the last loan he received from the bank was in 2015 when a USD 170 million loan was underwritten for the transformation of the Old Post Office building in DC.

The US Congress is also investigating Trump and the bank’s financial ties, with unconfirmed reports, saying Russia paid the money Trump received for his “criminal deals.”

Some sources suspect money laundering by Trump. He has been rumored to have accepted illicit money from Russia through Deutsche Bank.

The US Supreme Court is set for hearings next month in the case involving both parties, and the ruling could have severe implications for the President and some of his most valuable assets, like the Trump Tower.

Unconfirmed statistics show that Trump holds fourteen loans on twelve of his properties. More than six loans represent close to USD 480 million and are due in the next three years.

Some of these loans are guaranteed by Trump himself, which means that Deutsche Bank could go after him and not his corporate assets if the loans default.


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